Alfalfa Valley Farms

Central Oregon's First Approved OLCC Farm-to-Table Cannabis producer

Our Farm, Alfalfa Valley Farms, is located just outside of Bend in rural Deschutes County, right up the road from our newest dispensary! 
Our farm and stores are family-owned by 5th generation farmers.  We care passionately about the cannabis we produce, the more love that goes into our farming practices, the better the crop and cannabis is no exception! 
Grown with love in greenhouses, not warehouses because we care about our environment and the direct impact that cannabis production has on the country's energy grid.  Did you know that currently 1% of all energy use in the United States comes from cannabis grows?  That is with just a limited number of legal states!  By growing in our state-of-the-art greenhouses, we harvest the energy of the sun and pay close attention to our energy efficiency.  
True farm-to-table means that WE actually plant, care for, harvest, process, and distribute our cannabis directly from our farm to our stores. Because we keep it local we are able to offer the best quality local cannabis at wholesale prices because let's face it, great cannabis shouldn't cost a fortune!
Quality, affordable, grown with love
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